This Art was In One of the Summer learning Journey and inspired by others. We had to color it by ourselves and post blogs about it. This picture was very interesting because the family were looking at something.

2022 Tamaki Cluster Touch Touranment!

On Wednesday the 2nd of November. We went to the Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament. We had to go to the canopy and wait for the other students to come. Also we saw some other people that used to come to our school and supported us! Then we got our stuff and walked to Dunkirk. We then arrived there and we waited for our first game. We had a short warm up, then later on we had a game, we very much enjoyed the game and had fun.

After that we had our morning tea with the 4 teams,. After we had lunch we did some training. We had our 2nd game and got a bit tired. We had to eat more lunch so that we had a lot of energy. We had a bit of training and driving. We had to go to our 3rd game and we got some touches and some handovers. When we finished our game we went back and had a long big break.

After that we were playing with the ball then these girls started to come play with us. She said she wanted to play rugby then we did. We had a lot of fun then we had another game. We went against the other team again. We lost that game and had to walk back school and went home.  We looked at our points the other day then we only got one point from our team for the room 7 boys. And some our other teams.

Mission Day!

Last Friday we had Mission Day, Our teacher told us to wear anything and bring Cans, One Dollar, and Coins. After Assembly we had a Te Reo O Thon Test. I got a 53/100.  On Morning tea there were raffle tickets at the canopy. After that we watched movie called Spirited Away. I was really confused at the start then all of a sudden it was pretty good.  After That we had lunch and had a normal time playing soccer, after that we continued watching Spirited Away at the end we started to clean up and go to the canopy and wait who will get the raffle toys. I didn’t get a raffle toy but its okay I will get it a next time. After that we go home and have a rest                                   

Sione Molia Athlete

Sione Molina is an athlete of the Commonwealth Games. He is a rugby player in the Rugby Sevens which is really tough to be in that team. He is the age of 28 and born on 55 September 1993 in Auckland. I chose him because he was a really good rugby player of the rugby sevens. He is Tonga of his culture. His Best Results of Him Career is that he won a match and he got gold. He joined in 2017 in the Commonwealth games. His Interesting Facts is that he is a regular starter in the black jersery. Social medias Handle: (smolia_05)

Kaitiakitanga Trip

On the 5th of August the whole class and I  went on a field trip. Once we got there to 

Cornwall park, We all splitted to two Groups.


My Group and I went with these two lady’s named Lisa & Charlie. Lisa & Charlie took us where all the trees and logs are. We saw a lot of  spider webs and a lot of spider eggs. We also got to see a weta hotel and a massive spider web tree and  rimu tree.


Once we saw all of the trees we splitted up into different groups. The group and I went with Chris and then we got to see traps and tracking tunnels. We headed back to the mat and had lunch and we played 2 activities then we packed up and grabbed our bags.


Once we got back to school. Chris gave us worksheets and tracking tunnels which we had to fold. And after that we hid our tracking tunnels somewhere around school and home.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear Mom

I love you because you always take care of My Family and I. And you are the kindest woman in my life,

You always give me a smile on my face and give me cuddles and give My Family and I Dinner. I love you so much because you are loving to My Family and I.  I have a good relationship with my mom.

From Ethan Talau Brown

About Me

Hello world I am 10 years old. What  do I go to? St Patrick.  I have 4 cultures and 3 males and 3 females that means there is 6 People That are in my family.I love my own family because i love how they treat me.My favourite hobbies are sports because it keeps me fit and strong,second hobby is gaming I like gaming because I get experience from it and it contains survival and strategy

The Work I Loved & The Work I That I Need To Finish

The Work i loved is math’s and reading logs.I need to finish on cyber smart & reading blogs.I have a passion project called ”why i like drag racing” cause it inspires me from cars”there was a new activities called EPro – 8 we made engineering building stuff like crane’s, bridges, caveman cars, art, measurement.

Hello world!

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